Best Australia Fully Funded Scholarship

Australia Fully Funded Scholarship

Australia Fully Funded Scholarship, A life-changing opportunity to study in Australia is within your reach. As an international student, you now have the chance to pursue a world-class education through the Australia Awards Scholarships program. Fully funded by the Australian Government, these prestigious scholarships cover tuition, living expenses, travel, and more for eligible students from developing countries to study at participating Australian universities.

Gain valuable knowledge and skills through these scholarships that can help transform lives and shape futures. With over 40 world-class universities to choose from, Australia offers an unparalleled student experience. From modern cities to the natural wonder of the Outback, Australia provides an environment conducive to learning and growth. Take the next step to apply for this once-in-a-lifetime chance for a fully funded education in Australia. The future is yours to shape.

Study in Australia

1. Australia Fully Funded Scholarships

Australia offers many generous scholarships for international students to study in Australia. These are funded by the Australian government, Australian universities, and private organizations. The scholarships aim to attract top students from around the world to study in Australia.

Fully funded scholarships provide financial assistance to cover tuition fees, living expenses, travel, and other study costs. They are highly competitive but provide tremendous benefits. Some options to consider include:

  1. Australia Awards Scholarships – The Australian government’s main scholarship program for students from developing countries. It offers full tuition, travel, and living stipend for bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD study at Australian universities.
  2. University-funded scholarships – Many top Australian universities like University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, ANU, UQ, etc. offer prestigious scholarships for international students. These provide full or partial tuition waivers and stipends. You need to apply directly to the universities for these awards.
  3. Endeavor Scholarships and Fellowships – The Australian government’s competitive global scholarship program providing full funding for master’s and PhD study as well as professional development opportunities in Australia. Applicants from all countries and fields of study are eligible.
  4. Private organization scholarships – Large companies like BHP, Rio Tinto, etc. and non-profits offer scholarships for specific fields of study, regions or groups of applicants. These are often quite generous but have additional requirements related to the organization’s priorities. You need to check with each organization for details and deadlines.

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2. Top Universities Offering Fully Funded Scholarships

To pursue fully funded higher education in Australia, some of the top universities offering scholarships are:

The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is ranked 1 in Australia and 32 in the world. It offers several prestigious scholarships for international students including the Melbourne International Scholarship and Melbourne International Fee Remission Scholarship. These cover full tuition fees, living allowance and Overseas Student Health Cover.

The Australian National University

The Australian National University (ANU) is ranked 2 in Australia and 47 in the world. ANU offers the Tuckwell Scholarship, the most valuable undergraduate scholarship in Australia covering full tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses and travel costs. Other options include the ANU College Scholarship and the ANU Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship which provide partial to full tuition fee waivers.

The University of Sydney

Ranked 3 in Australia and 50 globally, the University of Sydney offers the Sydney Scholars Awards and University of Sydney International Scholarships providing recipients with full tuition fees and additional benefits.

Monash University

Ranked 4 in Australia and 58 in the world, Monash University offers several scholarships including the Monash International Merit Scholarship which covers full tuition fees for the duration of the course. Recipients also receive additional benefits such as employment opportunities and mentor-ship.

In summary, leading Australian universities offer fully-funded scholarships based on both merit and equity. By researching the options and preparing a strong application, international students have excellent opportunities to pursue higher education in Australia cost-free.

3. Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Australia fully funded scholarships, you must meet several criteria. The specific criteria will vary depending on the program and award, but typically include:


Most Australia scholarships are open to international students, but some may require Australian citizenship or permanent residency. Check with the specific program for details on eligible nationalities.

Academic Requirements

Fully funded scholarships usually have high academic standards. You will typically need a minimum GPA, and may need to provide transcripts and academic references. For undergraduate scholarships, you may need to have completed high school. For postgraduate scholarships, you will usually need to have completed an undergraduate degree. Some programs may require a certain field of study or major.

Language Proficiency

Since courses in Australia are taught in English, you will need to demonstrate English language proficiency to be eligible for most scholarships. This is usually done through a standardized test like the IELTS or TOEFL. The minimum scores will depend on the program.

Age Limit

Some Australia scholarships have maximum age limits, typically around 25 to 35 years old for graduate students and under 25-30 for undergraduates. Check with the specific program for details on age restrictions or limits.

Program Enrollment

Most fully funded scholarships require you to be enrolled full-time in a program at an approved Australian university. You will usually need to have an acceptance letter from the university before you can apply for the scholarship.

Additional Requirements

There may be additional criteria such as personal statements, medical screenings, or video interviews. Some programs aim for equal opportunity and may have special consideration for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Carefully review the requirements for any Australia scholarship you plan to apply for to ensure you meet all the eligibility criteria. With thorough preparation, you can put together a compelling application and have a good chance of securing a fully funded opportunity to study in Australia.

4. How to Apply

To apply for fully funded scholarships in Australia, there are several steps you will need to take:

Find Scholarship Opportunities

The first step is to search for available scholarship opportunities in Australia that match your interests and field of study. Some recommended websites to explore include:

  • Australian Government’s Scholarships website
  • Study in Australia’s Scholarships database
  • Universities’ individual scholarship pages

Review the eligibility criteria carefully for any scholarships that interest you to ensure you qualify before applying. Some may require a specific GPA, program of study, or nationality.

Prepare Your Application Materials

Once you have found suitable scholarships, prepare strong application materials to maximize your chances of being awarded funding. This includes:

  • A compelling personal statement or essay discussing your background, interests, goals, and why you deserve the scholarship. Explain how the opportunity will benefit your personal and professional development.
  • An up-to-date curriculum vitae (CV) or resume highlighting any relevant accomplishments, work experience, volunteering, extracurricular activities, and honors or awards.
  • Academic transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended. Official or certified copies may be required for some scholarships.
  • Letters of recommendation from professors or employers who can speak to your abilities and potential. Provide them adequate time to write a persuasive reference letter for your application.
  • Proof of English language proficiency such as an IELTS or TOEFL score, if required. The minimum scores will vary depending on the specific scholarship.
  • A portfolio of relevant work or achievements (if applicable). For example, for a research scholarship, include examples of papers or publications.
  • Completed application forms. Review all questions and requests thoroughly to avoid missing any important details.

Submit Your Application Before the Deadline

Double check that you have included all necessary documents for the application. Submit your materials before the scholarship deadline to avoid your application being disqualified or not considered. Apply as early as possible, as some scholarships operate on a first come, first serve basis or have limited funding available.

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